What Readers are Saying


Dear Mary, 

There is a feeling of magic in the words that you write.  I can picture the scene you are trying to relate to the reader, by the adjectives you chose.  You keep the subject interesting by not dwelling too long on one area before getting onto the next level.   

 I can tell many hours of research have been given to your work.  I have read several of your articles now and feel better educated on the subject.  I look forward to reading more of your work. 
Have you thought of writing a fiction novel? I would like to see how you would develop some characters in maybe a mystery. 

—Carlene Catsoulas, reader

Hello Mary,

I work for Steele & Associates. We do the advertising for Portneuf Medical Center. I was asked to submit an article for ‘The Beat’ (the hospitals internal newsletter) about Portneuf’s social media efforts. I saw your article in Family Living called “The Social Revolution” and thought it made some great points. Would it be possible to use excerps from your article in ‘The Beat?’   Thank you!

John Young


Great article. I think you should begin preparing your acceptance speech for the first place award in magazine feature writing in the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition.   😉

Mike Brennen, PMC Sleep Center

Mary, I wanted to thank you for the great article on driver’s ed. It was exceptionally good.

Lois Willie, reader 

[This email was sent to the Editor at the Idaho State Journal]

I read the article “Pocatello girl deals with challenges of dwarfism” in the Idaho Press-Tribune, dated February 10th. I could not find Mary Keatings’s email to personally compliment but I truly like her style of writing – emphatic, but not sentimental. Tell her we appreciate her. She has great sensitivity and she conveyed it point by point going through Maddie’s day and environment.

Sharon Hubler, Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands – Boise, Idaho

When asked if her quote could be included on this site … “Please do, Mary.  Your writing is quite exceptional.”

Dearest Mary,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of you hard work on Maddie’s story! We believe it is a total success and have had more comments than we can count, of people who enjoyed reading it and learning more about Maddie. Evidently one of the Boise or Nampa papers picked it up, we have had phone calls from that area also. We send our thanks to you and Joe (photographer) for completing the story in such a great positive manner. We appreciate you.

Becci and Jim Harrell

Hi Mary-

We were both thrilled to open the latest edition of Writer’s Digest and find you had won twice in your category. To me that indicates consistency in the quality of your writing. We all know that different people have different tastes when it comes to writing and reading, but to have your articles selected twice – WEll, you should be proud.

Best and all, Ed and Marian, Ed Zaruk, Author of Altar and Throne

Sandra Carrington-Smith (Shewrites.com) commented on the blog post: 

Hi Mary! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. It’s great to meet you (and may I also mention that your writing is superb? )

“Well done!  Gripping Story.”

John O-Connell, City Editor, Idaho State Journal