List of Publications from the Shelf






  Pals for Paws Pocatello LIFE Magazine
  On The Cutting Edge Pocatello LIFE Magazine
  Building a Family Pocatello LIFE Magazine
  Grin and Bear It – law is no laughing matter Pocatello LIFE Magazine
  Two Cities; One Community – full 6 page feature spread Pocatello LIFE Magazine
  Secrets of Clean Living Pocatello LIFE Magazine
  Probate panic? Pocatello LIFE Magazine
  Hunting – A sport for everyone Pocatello Mag Nov/Dec ‘13
  Learning to Overcome Setbacks Flourish, October 2013
  To Make or Not to Make? Flourish, September 2013
  Destruction of Skin Cancer – A personal journey Flourish, July 2013
  Brothers Involved in two music contests Mon, May 27- front page
  Parties Could Mean Fines and Possible Jail Time Flourish, May 2013
  A Little Madness in March Flourish, April 2013
  Efficiently inefficient Flourish, March 2013
  The Happiness Project, A resolution Flourish, February 2013
  Fun, Fitness and Hot Chocolate – Cross-Country Skiing Pocatello Magazine March/April
  4 Great Places for Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing          (Times News – Twin Falls) Thur, Feb 7, 2013
  Walking, Even in a Winter Wonderland Flourish January 2013


  Exercise: Better with a Buddy Flourish December 2012
  The Lost Art of thank you notes Flourish November 2012
  Sorry, What’s Your Name Again? Flourish October 2012
  Getting the Stink Our of Workout Clothes Flourish Sept 2012
  The Most Important School Supply September 2012
  Slip Slop Slap and Wrap August 2012
  Lazy Days of Summer August 2012
  Play Time August 2012
  Good Vacation Spot          (Argus Observer, Ontario, OR) Sunday, Aug 19, 2012
  Take a Flyin’ Leap – BASE Jumping          (Post Register – Idaho Falls) Thurs, Aug 16, 2012
  Local Singer to Perform in Nashville competition Mon, July 23, 2012
  Death Defying Jump – ISJ Friday, July 20, 2012
  Gardening Tips from the Farmer’s Market July 2012
  Shoshone Falls – ISJ Friday, June 22, 2012
  Music Man Jr Debuts Wed, June 13, 2012
  Spring Cleaning Is Out June 2012
  Imagine That! Sparking your child’s imagination         (Pocatello Magazine) May/June 2012
  Hygiene for Teens May 2012
  Raising Daughters May 2012
  No Child Left Behind April 2012
  Education gets a wake-up call April 2012
  What parents can do outside the classroom April 2012
  Pulled in Two Directions – sandwich generation March 2012
  Discovering New Talent – Hobbies February 2012
  Stop being a spectator – TV time and family February 2012
  Ho ho hum to Magic – Holiday decorating January 2012
  Oh, the Table January 2012
  Stumped by the Stockings? January 2012


Love & Marriage – the Generation X way December 2011
No kids allowed December 2011
You’re Invited – throwing a spooky celebration November 2011
Costume Ball November 2011
Are you on Alert? Reverse 911 November 2011
Can I toss it? October 2011
What’s the password? October 2011
Fall Into Organization October 2011
A thief lies in wait – identity theft October 2011
Preparing for Success September 2011
Before you enter a school zone September 2011
The End of An Era – Harry Poter September 2011
No So Far From Home – weekend getaway August 2011
Water Gardens: the big and the small July 2011
Auditions 101 July 2011
Coaching – Unlocking the magic June 2011
Let’s Talk Dirty – to clean, or not to clean: spring cleaning mysteries June 2011
The Big Talk May 2011
DancingSparksDebate May 2011
DIY Life – Take a Break April 2011
DDIY – Honey Don’t Do it Yourself April 2011
Snooze, Squeeze or Scrunch March 2011
Love Comes from Many Places March 2011
Saving the Universe February 2011
Old Medicine Brings New Life February 2011
Happy Hectic Season to You HolidayEdition
Don’t Eat It – Read It HolidayEdition
Stress: The Unwanted Gift HolidayEdition


Jack Frost and the Haphazard Host December 2010
The Silent Crippler: Osteoporosis December 2010
Sticks and Stones – Bullying November 2010
Behind Closed Doors – One Woman’s Story – Domestic Violence November 2010
Summer Dreams and Exercise Schemes October 2010
Catching important zzzzz October 2010
Thermopolis September 2010
Three Steps to Love and Logic September 2010
School is in session  – Love and Logic September 2010
Sanity Savers – Back to School Special Edition  August
Screen the Sun August 2010
10 Ways to Stay Cool August 2010
Ready, Set, Go August 2010
Parents are the Key – Driver Education August 2010
Big Pig Gig Luau and Auction June 2010
Shedding Pounds Once and For All June 2010
Our New Medical Home June 2010
We’re Here to Help June 2010
Joint School June 2010
Help for Failing Kidneys June 2010
New Dialysis Treatment June 2010
Imagine That July 2010
On the Road Again July 2010
Rewards of Rewarding Children June 2010
You are invited to the social party June 2010
From Tween to Grandparent June 2010
The Social (r) evolution June 2010
No Plot? No Problem: Container Gardening May 2010
Exploring Science behind seeds May 2010
Growing Family Thyme May 2010
Overscheduled April 2010
More Love to Give April 2010
Party Games: Old and New March 2010
Let’s Celebrate March 20101
Caution Construction Zone – Starting a Small Business February 2010
Because the little moments mean the most February 2010
Magically Organized January 2010


Help Santa Get His Game On November/Dec 2009
Sweet Dreams – Eyes Wide Open October/November 2009
Turn any dog into a good dog September/October 2009
Dog Daze – Sweet Insanity September/October 2009
Grab Some Games August/September 2009
How to Interview Your Child August/September 2009
Teachers’ (most important) aids August/September 2009
Nothing to Growl About – Bear World July/August 2009
Help Your Child’s Learning Stay Afloat all Summer Long June/ July  2009
Right Brain Left Brain June/July  2009
Right Care, Right Time, Right Place June 2009
Your Medical Home June 2009
Get The Most From Your Doctor June 2009
Making the Right Convenient Choice June 2009
Closing the Gap June 2009
New Clinics at Wal-Mart Operated by PMC June 2009
Own Your Health June 2009
Popping Some Teen Acne Myths May/June  2009
Fun in the Sun – Summer Camps April 2009
Levy Plays Critical Role March 29, 2009
Sorting the Garbage – recycling March 2009
Relax – home spa February 2009
Life and Breath January 2009
CEO – Science and Humanity January 2009
Building Patient Relationship January 2009
To Dream of Sleep January 2009
New Treatment Options – Urology January 2009
Prostate Cancer: A Quick Guide January 2009
Life and Breath January 2009
Jumpstart January January 2009


Warm and Inviting December 2008
A Graceful Presentation December 9, 2008
Saving Energy November 2008
Winter Is Coming November 2008
That First Mammogram October 19, 2008
America’s Super Bowl: Intelligent Voting October 2008
Nit Picking Time September/October 2008
321 Back to School August/ September 2008
School Jitters? August/September 2008
Book Review: “Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyers July/August 2008
10 Ways to Beat the Heat July/August 2008
Don’t Forget the Sunscreen July/August 2008
Overrun by Stuffies June/July 2008
Learning Garden June/July 2008
Patient Focused Cancer Care June 2008
Ghost written letter: Giving Our Best to You June 2008
Stepping Up To Save a Life June 2008
The Personal Journey June 2008
Caring Hands, Listening Ears and Even Hugs June 2008
Clinical Trials: with your help, advancing cancer treatment June 2008
For the Skin Your In: What you should know about skin cancer treatments June 2008
Skin Self-Exams Equal Self Defense June 2008
Oh, the Sting March 27, 2008
Itching, Sneezing and Wheezing March 27, 2008
Mighty Mom comes to the rescue May/ June 2008
Taking time out for your health April/May 2008
Keep your kids safe in a virtual world March/ April 2008
Growing Up Little 2-9-08
Big in Spirit February/March 2008
Taking it to the streets – Pocatello marathon January/February 2007


Good tidings to you, one and all December/January 2007
Making the Grade December 2007
Ghost written letter: Perseverance Pays Off December 2007
Cleaning for Quality December 2007
Mopping it up the smart way December 2007
In Your Own Words December 2007
Over 65 and Fit as a Fiddle December 2007
You’re never too old to go for the golf December 2007
These athletes never quit December 2007
Running the Gap December 2007
Dance studio’s Christmas Extravaganza wows local audience 12-18-07
Open House set Friday at Tuscany House 11-14-207
Medicine Cabinet 101 Fall 2007
Is it a cold or the flu? Fall 2007
Gifts from Gryffindor November/December 2007
Treating Teachers November/December 2007
Little Things Big Dreams October/November 2007
Dance Group Wins awards 9-23-07
Empty Nest Syndrome September/October 07
Do you know your Idaho car seat laws? August/September 07
Teach your kids school zone safety August/September 07
My Journey with Harry Potter August/September 07
Slashing Your Way to Fitness July/August 2007
Expecting? Expect the Best! June 2007
Ghost written letter: Defining Quality Health Care Every Day June 2007
Little Feet – Big Care June 2007
Born too soon June 2007
Get the best service, right here at home June 2007
Allergens are everywhere: Are you prepared for them? June 2007
Itching, Sneezing and Wheezing June 2007
Meet the Gillespie Family June/July 2007
Ensuring pets get the health care they need June/July 2007
A head-to-toe guide to your child May/June 2007
The Magic of Dance Blossoms in Spring 5-27-07
Don’t Deep Clean in the Spring Spring Edition 07
We Love our moms – History of Mother’s Day 5-13-07
Serving the Community 5-25-07
Getting Involved in Community 5-11-07
Bolstering Local youths 5-4-07
Dance Teachers will Share Their Experience with Local Students 4-29-07
Local Girl Chose to Dance 4-23-07
Motorcycling for a Cause 4-20-07
Docent Enjoys Museum Job 4-12-07
Protecting Children from Predators April 2007
Healthy Eating with ‘Traffic Light Foods’ March 2007
Hospice Volunteer Enjoys Work 4-5-07
Working in Search, Rescue 4-1-07
Helping Abused Children 3-25-07
Mother of Two Finds Herself back in Elementary School 3-15-07
Love Brought Woman Here 3-8-07
Finding A Healthy Balance February 28, 2007
Making Wishes Come True February 28, 2007
Brighter Tomorrows February 13, 2007
The ABCs of Finding A Caregiver February 2007
Ready for the Second Baby? January 2007


Serving with flair can help set the holiday mood December 15, 2006
The Myths and the Magic December 15, 2006
Go from Ho Ho Hum to Magic December 15, 2006
Get Equipped in ’07 for fitness success December 2007
On Turning 40 November 2006
Breast Cancer: Tales of Courage and Triumph October 22, 2006
Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Home Businesses) October 2006
‘Idol’ audition opens opportunities 10/3/06
Trying Out for ‘Idol’ 9/18/06
Positively Marsupial: Kangaroo Care September 2006
Dinner is Served August 2006
A Dinner Club with a Twist August 2006
School Days are Here Again (contributor) August 2006
The Drop August 2006
Transportation August 2006
When School Starts Tomorrows August 2006
Bunko Babes Fall 2006
Christmas in July July 2006
The Power of Water June 2006
Teaser – June Our Home June 22, 2006
The Lazy Learning Days of Summer June/July 2006
Medicine Cabinet 101 Annual 2006
Are You Ready For Disaster Annual 2006
Out of The Nest May 2006
On The Road Again May 2006
Looking Our For Skin Cancer April 27,  2006
Don’t Spring Clean April 2006
Home Sweet Home School March 2006
Add A Little Love February 2006
It’s Potty Time January 2006
Nurturing Nugget: Sudafed – All Behind the Counter August 2006
Nurturing Nugget: Thumbnail Hearts February 2006
Nurturing Nugget: Get Organized Now January 2006


A Medley of Holiday Warnings December 2005
Creating Christmas Magic and Tips from the Pros December 2005
Are You Prepared for An Emergency? November 2005
Building A Family: One Adoption at A Time October 2005
The Flip Side of Failure: Growth and Resilience September 2005
Separation Anxiety August 2005
Back to School Sanity Savers August 2005
The Magic of Island Park July 2005
To Dream of Sleep June 2005
A Solid Beginning: Prenatal Care & Quiz May 2005
Born Too Soon: 49 Days in NICU May 2005
An Ounce of Prevention March 2005
Decorating Issue March 2005
Small Spaces: Making the Most of It
Fitting Shabby Chic into Small Areas
The Effects of Color
University’s health fair offers a variety of screenings Spring 2005
In Search of Patience February 2005
The ABCs of Children’s OTCs January 2005
Medicine Cabinet 101 January 2005
Is it a cold of the flu? January 10, 2005
Putting the pieces together – reporting sexual abuse January 2005


A New Year, A New You: Permanent Makeup December 16, 2004
Disney Trip Ends Happily Ever After December 2004
Candy for the Mind – TV for ChildrenKPVI – Channel 6 Morning Show interview 11-12-04 November 2004
Halloween ArticlesKPVI – Channel 6 Morning Show interview 10-15-04 October 2004
Trick and Treat
Taming Halloween’s Ghoulish Spirit
Election Articles September 2004
Will Your Voice Be Heard
Where the Candidates Stand
Where America Stands
Our Home – Winter is On the Way September 2004
Going Beyond Bulbs in Fall Garden
Getting Ready for Winter, One Month at a Time
Home Audits Point the Way to Saving Energy, Money
What Do Appliances Cost You?
Inspections are First Line of Defense Against Poisoning
Replace Batteries
Mini Home Energy Audits
Through A Mother’s Eyes August 2004
The Dangers of Previous Safety Measures August 2004
Foster Families Provide Care for Abandoned Pets July 2004
Buying a Pet on A Whim Is A Bad Idea July 2004
A Summer In Europe with Kids Is An Entirely Different Proposal May 2004
News Release – Interview on KPVI – Channel 6
Boo Ice  Note: Great for Children September 2004