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Hi Mary,

I am going to miss working with you too! Honestly, it has really been such a pleasure working with you.  You were always a bright spot in my day… so supportive and helpful.  Thanks for helping me out so much… for being so on the ball and just so sweet all of the time.  You really are great!  I wish I had the opportunity to work with more people like you.

I wish you luck with all of your current and future projects… and if you ever need anything, please let me know!

Thanks!  Lindi Smedley (SnowPeak Designs)

Formerly with Stuart Media

Dated: May 14, 2012 

Mary, The message of clean has never been packaged better than your recent Family Living Article.  I’ve had a thousand “Write Ups” in my books and business career, you “bested” and captured the philosophies, moral, and hands-on masterfully – not often I see my whole book summed up in a couple of well written pages. I’m not only totally impressed to receive the “best” in our home town, also extremely grateful to be the recipient of your expertise.

Thank you,

Don Aslett (The Guru of Clean)

Dated: April 25,2012 – featured in Family Living May 2012 

Thanks for your feedback, Mary. You’re doing a terrific job. This work is such an important piece to the overall marketing efforts.

Thanks again for your good work.

Ann Maloley, MBA, Consultant, Barlow/McCarthy 

Thanks so much Mary! Thanks for all your help and for all of your great contributions to the magazine!

Lindi J. Smedley, Health & Medical Resource Guide 

Hey Mary,

We’ve featured your post in Editor’s Picks this week. Head over and check it out here. Keep up the great work!

Kate, Managing Editor, She Writes Blog – Community Manager, She Writes 

Hello, I just had to write you a quick note about how lovely your road trip story was. That list of games is solid! I’m excited to share them with my little family. Thanks for your hard work!

Rebecca Pyper, Editor, Family Living Magazine, 2010 
Mary is not only a solid copywriter, she is an excellent listener, a creative force and a resourceful thinker and it all shows in her work.  PMC trusted her with the bulk of our newsletter copy as well as a ghost written letter for our leadership. She made sure she understood our needs and grasped our mission and goals. Then she added in nuances and additional research, proposed a couple of great additional story ideas and pulled it all together on deadline. We had an outstanding newsletter which reflected the values of our institution and our community. Thanks, Mary!

You are so talented!

Crista Madsen, Public Relations Director, Portneuf Regional Medical Center 2009 

I have enjoyed working with you: Your fresh perspective and well-thought out approach to your stories has made each month of this magazine a pleasure for me, and I have greatly appreciated the rapport we’ve developed. There’s nothing an editor loves more than a writer who is open to suggestions and eager to try new things, you have been both and then some. I just wanted to touch base with you and say thanks.

Kate Carpenter, Editor, Family Living Magazine 2009-2010 

Mary is a strong writer who is very creative and develops excellent story ideas. She has written for Family Living Magazine for a number of years. She has captured her own audience and is a well received and respected journalist. Her articles are timely and her writing skills are solid. Mary has a fresh angle on most subjects and can write serious copy or humor columns. As an editor, I find her easy to work with. Her copy is clean and written with the reader in mind.

Emily Jones, Editor, Family Living Magazine 2008-2009 

Mary has been an absolute pleasure to work with at the Child Advocacy Center. She has done a great job at everything from website design, to newsletters, to press releses and newspaper articles. We feel fortunate to have her skills and abilities working for us as an organization, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Lisa Redford-Prince, Executive Director, Bright Tomorrows Child Advocacy Center 2009 

Flowers arrived in April 2010 after completing copy for Portneuf Medical Center’s HealthVisions Community Newsletter – From Staci Wheatley, PMC Marketing. 


Dearest Mary, I have been so blessed by our new friendship. Thank you so much for all your work on my beautiful business card. I love it! It was so fun working with you. I look forward to working with you again. Hope your writing projects and interviews are going well.  … I appreciate so much all you have done for me. You’re the best Ms. Mary!

Cynthia Louise Naftzger, Owner, Cynthia Louse Boutique 2010