From Mary

To fabulous readers and people interviewed:

First, thank you again. It is amazing to be invited into your personal lives, to grow, learn and share.  I truly thank everyone who has allowed me an interview. I thank you for trusting me with your quotes and stories.  And I thank you for your friendship.

As for those who read what I write, I thank you for your comments, emails and stories!

Writing is such a personal venture – sometimes it is like standing in the rain naked and exposed. As a writer, you share a part of yourself with each and every piece. I love your emails, phone calls, and  comments. So keep them coming. I enjoy the chance meetings at the grocery store or about town.  So many people have stopped me and commented on an article or two or three. So many of you have been moved, many of you have clipped and filed, but the vast majority of you have simply encouraged and inspired me. So to everyone who has given me the courage, the confidence, and the motivation to continue on this crazy adventure over these many years, THANKS!

I promise to continue to write and share your hopes, dreams, and stories and a few of my own. I hope to continue to enlighten, motivate, and propel you to think, act or simply enjoy.

To editors, business leaders and friends:

I have been fortunate to work with some terrific and amazing editors and business leaders! I am now on my fourth Family Living Editor and my third PMC Marketing Department contact. I love how each editor has encouraged and challenged me in different ways. 

After a decade of putting pen to paper for publication, I have learned that being a good writer takes more than just the ability to put pen to paper. Although many people write, few write well. And even fewer build strong personal connections and even friendships with those individuals for whom they work and write.  Although it always begins with a story,  it evolves around trust, quality and, of course, great copy.  I am very pleased to say that I have established a solid working relationship with everyone who has hired me to write copy. They have have trusted me with their newsletters, their websites, their brochures, and their newspapers. And I, in return, have delivered timely, fresh and compelling copy time and time again. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to work with you.